Work at old landslide site worrying

Work at old landslide site worrying

RESIDENTS of Taman Zooview in Ampang are concerned over massive land clearing taking place at the site of the 2006 landslide.

They said over the past four months, clearing work had been taking place on the slopes between Taman Zooview and Taman Nusa Tropika.

Taman Zooview Residents Association protem committee deputy chairman Bhupinder Singh said they had been in the dark about any upcoming projects in the area.

“Several residents voiced concern after seeing contractors building reinforced concrete structures into the side of the slopes.

“We have made numerous attempts to obtain an explanation from the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) but they have not been forthcoming.

“The last thing we want is a high-density project that will destabilise the slopes here,” he said, adding that a notice board dating back to 2003 was the only indication of an upcoming project.

In May 2006, four people were killed when a retaining wall collapsed, causing a massive landslide in Kampung Pasir that destroyed three longhouses.

There was also a fire following an electrical short circuit.

Residents in 16 houses on the top of the hillslope in Taman Zooview were evacuated and only allowed back two years later once slope strengthening works were completed.

Another resident, Angie Singh, 63, said she was worried about how the clearing works were being done.

“The slopes have been levelled but I have seen lorries dumping soil and I am worried about the stability of the site,” said Angie, who was one of the residents affected by the 2006 landslide.

Bhupinder said the residents were also worried that another access road via Jalan Lee Woon would be opened.

“This is our main access route and the road is very narrow. It certainly will not be able to support additional traffic,” he said.

MPAJ president Abdul Hamid Abdul Hussain said the developers had received approval to build 74 double-storey terrace houses and two electricity substations.

“The planning approvals were given in August 2003 while the earthworks were approved in December of the same year.

“The approvals are still valid as they had started work before the landslide occurred.

“The developers would have had to resubmit their proposal if they had not carried out any work,” Abdul Hamid said.

He added that there would be no connecting road between the development and Taman Zooview as a separate one would be built.


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